Zaza Culture

Zaza Culture
January 26, 2017 MAWKE


Kemal Çelik & Hasan Dewran


Cultural Heritage

Poem: “The beautiful Hyacinth” („Die schöne Hyazinthe“ ) by Hasan Dewran

Painting: “Roots and Branches” („Wurzel und Zweige“) by Kemal Çelik



We Zazas come from Eastern Anatolia, from the Upper Euphrates and Tigris. We are an ethnic group with our own language of Indo-European origin and two religious groups: Alevis and Sunnis. We have been confronted with war and massacre, contempt and flight as part of our history. But we gather strength from our music, customs and language. And we are thankful for our life in Mannheim. Our biggest wish is that the tree of togetherness take deep root and its broad branches foster understanding, friendship, love and solidarity as depicted in the painting“Roots and Branches”. “The beautiful Hyacinth” is a poem from Hasan Dewrans youth.